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Meet Egret

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Professional services

Electrolyzed Water Li-Ion rechargeable sprayer Order Now


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Sports Equipment

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Kill the Odour and Bacteria in Hockey Gear

Well researched Electrolyzed Water has over 300 studies Learn More

Ships from Canada

Blast Germs and Odour Reviews



All you need is tap water and salt to create this powerful natural cleaning solution!

In just 3 minutes, Egret's integrated electrolyzer creates a powerful cleaner, EO water.

Electrolyzed water is also knows as Neutral Electrolyzed Water due to it's neutral PH.  The scientists like to call the product Hypochlorous Acid - or HOCL for short! 

We like to call it the Power of Nature - Just Salt + Water + Electricity!

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Hockey Gloves germs 99.95% kill, Deodorize and eliminate smell caused by bacteria in your hockey gear.  Safely clean away and deodorize your equipment with an easy to use and powerful natural spray.  Electrolyzed Water is a game changer for sports gear


Very high concentrations of bacteria and virus can THRIVE in the moist wet environments of hockey gear and cause serious infections! How do you know if your gear is an environment where bacteria thrives....

Ever smelled a hockey glove? 

Do you really want to stick your hands back in there? Germs inside hockey equipment cause much more serious problems than just making your nose wrinkle!

How safe is a hockey glove that is contaminated with bacteria?

To remove odour - completely saturate inside the glove and allow to dry.   Repeat.  Then just use the Egret blaster for regular maintenance.

Egret EO creates a naturally occuring product called Hypochlorous Acid, our own bodies are creating this to help conquer those germs! Using the power of Nature can help ELIMINATE the odour and help reduce germs that cause the odour....

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Daycare, teachers, children, senior care homes, electrolyzed water is safe for humans and pets, hypochlorous acid, neutral to surfaces, 99.95% effective at deactivating germs and odours, scientifically proven


You need something that not only cleans, but something that also deactivates GERMS. Egret is that solution - and it does so while remaining safe for children and pets.

Egret works by utilizing scientifically proven electrolyzed water or EO water. When you conduct electricity through a salt water mixture, you create EO water.

Use Egret EO Blaster to clean pet blankets, pet and children's toys.

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Egret EO  has been tested and proven effective to reduce TVOC and PM2.5 particles in the air.  TVOCs are gases and toxins released by everyday products, including paints, cooking, fragrances, furniture and even children's toys! 

These toxic gases are 5x more common indoors and can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.

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Electrolyzed Water Food safe blaster Egret Patented hypochlorous acid generator can be used to remove pesticides and bacteria, germs non toxic formula safe for people children babies pets


Electrolyzed Water is used in the agriculture industry in Canada!  Producers use EO water effectively clean your fruit and vegetables before going to market.

EO water used in the seafood industry - using frozen blocks of EO water helps keep the seafood fresher, and reduce or eliminate contamination while the ice melts!

Check out this cool video that explains the process!

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Hypochlorous Acid EO HOCL Blaster spray


Egret EO is built to stand the test of time.  We tested the generator for 3300 cycles - which means 3-5 years of daily use. 

You can replace nasty cleaning chemicals and introduce an appliance you will use regularly for years.


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The world needs to reduce the chemical exposures, and use products that are scientifically proven and highly effective while remaining affordable.

The unique and patented Egret Electrolyzed Oxidated (Hypochlorous) generator creates a hypochlorous solution up to 200PPM FAC, with PH of 7-7.5 (can be adjusted when its transferred to 6.0) and ORP of over 500 (can be adjusted over 800).

Dental offices, yoga studios, hair salons, restaurants, senior care, vehicle detailing, Ride share services, massage, spas, tanning studio, nail salons....

There are so many applications for the Egret EO Patented generator and 10 micron sprayer.

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For educational purposes only about Electrolyzed Water - Egret has not been tested specifically for these indications...

There are great studies on the use of EO (Hypochlorous acid) in Dentistry.  From disinfection and sterilization of root canals, comparasins to Chlorhexadine as a mouth rinse and removal of biofilms from DUWL.

Hypochlorous Acid a Review

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EO Daycare teacher safe cleaner


The powerful and non toxic cleaning abilities of EO water are a perfect choice when you are cleaning at a high level for the benefit of higher risk people.

Scientific evidence proves how powerful Electrolyzed water/Hypochlorous acid can be!

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Hypochlorous Acid Generator Electrolyzed Water Canada


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Science and Research


Egret EO Blaster has passed many certifications, and we continue to add to this list.

Would you rather read? Want to print out the specs to show someone?

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