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5 Reasons to Use Natural Cleaners

When cleaning your home or business, it is important that you choose the right cleaning products to clean and deodorize the air, surfaces, floors, equipment, toys, and more to keep you, your loved ones, customers, and coworkers safe and healthy. With the use of natural sanitizers such as hypochlorous acid, you can do just that. While it may sound like a scary scientific term, hypochlorous acid (also known as electrolyzed water) is simply combining salt, water, and electricity to create an all-natural cleaning solution (hypochlorous acid). 

In today’s blog post, we are going to look at a few of the major reasons why you should choose natural sanitizers to keep your home or business clean. Learn more about natural cleaners and our hypochlorous acid generators at Egret Lab Canada today!


Natural cleaners, such as hypochlorous acid, are non-toxic and chemical-free. With the use of natural household ingredients and a little bit of science, these natural cleaning solutions are created to be both safe and effective sanitizers. No more filling your home or business with harmful and dangerous chemicals, and there is no longer the need to worry about accidentally mixing different chemicals that could potentially create a toxic substance.  

Safe for Humans and Pets

Being free of chemicals and toxins also make natural cleaners safe for both humans and pets. Cleaning supplies are always scary when it comes to children or pets running around, putting things in their mouth, or accidentally getting a hold of the bottle of cleaner. Using hypochlorous acid as a natural sanitizer eliminates these risks as it is completely safe for adults and children alike, and won’t cause harm to your pets. 

How do we know it is so safe? Well, hypochlorous acid is actually produced by the human body to kill germs and bacteria — meaning you come into contact with this cleaning solution on a daily basis. This also means that it won’t hurt an individual if they end up ingesting the solution. 


Natural cleaners also offer benefits to the environment as they eliminate the potential for chemicals and toxins to be introduced into the air or water supply. With our hypochlorous acid generators specifically, they provide a reusable unit that can be used time and time again to create a hypochlorous acid cleaning solution — saving the waste created by disposable cleaning containers. 


Hypochlorous acid is known as a powerful sanitizer against bacteria, germs, viruses, mould, odours, and more. This safe, all-natural cleaning solution can improve indoor air quality and sanitize floors, surfaces, and objects so that you can be confident that your home or business is clean and safe. 

Fewer Allergens

Natural cleaners also release fewer allergens into the air such as ammonia, formaldehyde, bleach, and more — making your home or business safe for those that are sensitive to allergens and irritants in the air or to their skin and eyes. This is just another reason why natural sanitizers are the perfect solution for your cleaning needs as it keeps the environment and those around you safe and healthy.

Egret Lab Canada

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  • I love that not only is the hypochlorous acid friendly to the environment, but once you have your Egret, you no longer need to purchase all those cleaning/disinfecting products that are usually over packaged. It’s one sprayer on your shelf, not 6 different dangerous bottles in the closet.

    Lory Haeusler

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