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Clean up your act - 99.9% Effective cleaning for about a penny!


Did you know, Egret has published an IDEA book using this outline in the blog for the hundreds of uses of EO water!  Making your own 99.9% effective, scientifically proven cleaning product that leaves a fresh scent and does not harm environment, animals, or human beings.....

All for about 1 - 2 cents per liter!  Just 1/2 gram of salt and 1 ml of vinegar added to Water, then Electrolyzed creates HOCL - a VERY powerful and well known product that is used in hospitals, dental clinics, food industry and more.  Creating EO water takes the right amount of electricity, and the right type of electrolyzing plates to keep the end product safe and effective.  Generally regarded as safe (GRAS) Hypochlorous Acid under 200PPM of Free Available Chlorine (FAC) and with a Ph between 4.0 - 8.0.  Egret EO water is "GRAS" and between 5.0 - 7.5 PH for maximum effectiveness.

Not only is EO water proven effective against a broad range of germs, virus, molds and bacteria - the formula created by Egret Lab Canada products also work very well to actually CLEAN!  The neutral charge of HOCL helps burst the cells of bad bugs, but also helps it remove dirt and grease effectively!

Enough about the are some IDEAS for cleaning!

First lets grab some effective cleaning tools....

Egret EO Blaster for large areas, Sparrow for daily and easy cleaning, Pelican for bulk and transfer to sprayer.

Spray bottles with fine mist, portable sprayers, Microfiber cloths, sponges, baking soda

 Ceiling fans – cover with a pillowcase then pull along with any debris.  Mist with Egret EO Blaster

Keyboards – clear crumbs by turning upside down or use soft brush and vacuum.  Use a post it note to grab sticky areas, use a moistened Electrolzyed Microfiber to sanitize

Fridge – Wipe away food bits with an Electrolyzed moistened sponge.  Clean out food interior with a mist of EO water, and wipe with a dry microfiber after 3 minutes.  Use EO water containing vinegar and a  microfiber cloth to polish the stainless surfaces.

Shower – Get rid of mildew with EO water! Keep a bottle of EO water in the shower for use immediately after shower – use a squeegee soon after spraying all surfaces.  Avoid using EO water on chrome, or wipe immediately as it may cause staining on chrome (looks like water/mineral stains)  spray around sealed areas and leave to dry (10 minutes or longer).  Mist entire shower areas lightly for a nice fresh scent.  Effective against mold and bacteria in this wet area

Bathtub – Soak well with Electrolyze Water and leave for 3-5 minutes.  Soak again if necessary. Use a coarse microfiber sponge to remove soap scum.  An old toothbrush can be used around more difficult to clean areas.  Several applications may be necessary.  You may also add sprinkle baking soda to the moistened sponge to add some “grit” when cleaning.

Toilet – Use bulk EO water in your Toilet brush container – change 2X per week to keep fresh.  Dump water directly in toilet and use to clean bowl.  Spray all surfaces on toilet with strong EO water and wipe clean. 

Shower Curtains – Mist with EO water.  Egret works really well here as it sprays quickly.  Spraying regularly will reduce or eliminate mildew build up on shower curtains.

Toothbrush – Create a mild EO water and keep a sprayer beside the sink for a  light mist prior to brushing.  Spray toothbrush with EO water, then rinse under tap water.  After Brushing rinse well and allow the brush head to soak - you can use high power (9 minute) cycle for soaking but rinse before use (we use a small glass and change daily)

Mirrors – Use EO water that has been transferred to a small bottle and has ¼ TSP of vinegar added per 250ml.  EO water can be used for a streak free clean with a microfiber cloth.  Sparrow EO is ready to use right from the bottle since it already contains the slightly acidic EO water formula.

Greasy Surfaces – Spray greasy surfaces and allow EO water to work for about 1 – 3 minutes.  May need two applications.  Wipe with a paper towel initially – use a microfiber cloth to finish for polished results.  A little soap works well too! For tougher, baked on grease – soak a cloth with EO water and soak down the surface.  Allow to sit for 5 minutes and use a scrub pad and soapy water.  Finish with EO water and a microfiber for a polished surface.

Dishwasher – Spray EO water inside to help keep food smells down.  Pull out any food bits you see between cleaning – in particular on the spray arms, little pieces of food get caught.  You can spray these surfaces with EO water to reduce the smell.  

Microwave -  Use a bowl of water mixed with lemon juice and run for about one minute.  Wipe the interior with a microfiber, and follow with a mist of EO water. Allow to rest for 1-2 minutes and wipe with a dry microfiber.  Change the mesh filter, or clean it regularly by soaking in EO water

Countertops – Spray with EO water and wipe immediately to clean away all crumbs and food.  Spray a second time with EO water, allow to rest for 30 seconds to 3 minutes (the longer the higher the reduction of germs).  Wipe again with a microfiber until dry.

Mattresses and bedding – Use EGRET EO BLASTER for maximum results and speed.  Pull covers and spray sheets and pillows daily.  Spray entire mattress  after removing sheets for cleaning.

Curtains – Use EGRET EO BLASTER for maximum results and speed.  Test a small area for colorfastness.  Spray regularly to control dust, germs and odours.

Floor mats – Spray EO generously on entry mats to reduce germs, and help eliminate smells from mildew

Pet Bedding – Spray EO generously on Pet beds and allow to dry to reduce germs and odors

Pet paws – When coming in the house – keep a cloth handy by the door and spray EO water directly on pet feet and wipe dry with cloth.


Shoes – If odor is an issue, soak inside of shoe with EO water.  Allow to dry, and repeat as often as necessary.  Lightly mist EO water in closets and shoe racks to help reduce odor

Closets – Use EO water in the closet to keep it smelling fresh!  Test fabrics for colorfast, but generally EO water is safe for most.

Air Quality – We monitor the air in our home with the Airthings Wave.  To control Radon, VOC and poor air quality we open the windows whenever possible!  We also have several Air Exchangers with HEPA filters.  Changing the filters on the furnace and our air exchangers on a regular basis.  We also use the Egret Blaster to “finish” – after cleaning, spraying the air as we back up.


Floors – Using a Bottle style Mop – fill the bottle with strong EO water.  Mist the EO water as you mop, safe to use on most types of flooring.  Clean floors last after dusting and cleaning all other surfaces since all the dirt ultimately settles at the low areas.  

Carpets – Use EO water to remove many types of stains and odors.  Test a small area – but generally EO water is safe to most surfaces.  Soak with EO water, and blot with a cloth.  Many stains will come out using this method.  Effective against many “red” stains and urine smell.

Exercise equipment – between sweaty workouts – use EO water to clean the surfaces.  Larger areas can be sprayed and wiped.  Be careful to apply EO water only to hard surfaces, do not soak as there is often electronics, and some metals may corrode with EO water.  Use a vacuum regularly on dusty motors, and wipe with microfiber cloth.

Gym weights – Spray EO water on all touch surfaces.  We do suggest wiping on a scheduled basis to remove any possible build up from regular use.

Washing machine – Move washed clothes from washer to dryer as quickly as possible after the cycle ends to prevent that really gross mould smell!  Add EO water to the wash, and you can even soak arm pit stains away in many cases (always test the types of fabrics for color fast before use).  Many of our customers are regularly adding EO water to wash to help reduce odor from sweaty clothing.  Spray around the top or front of loader to eliminate that “front loader” smell. 

Dryer – EO water doesn’t necessarily fit in here – but make sure to check that lint trap, and pull that dryer away from the wall every few months to clean the dust and lint bunnies out of the vent!

Tech toys – Keyboards, remotes, key fob – all can be cleaned with EO water.  If you are not already using a UV sanitizer for your phone (highly recommend) then use a microfiber moistened with EO water to wipe down your keyboards, remote controls, key fobs and any small hand held items



Cat Litter Boxes - Our household has scent allergies - so being ALLERGEN FREE is important!  Using a non scented cat litter can be a challenge - but with daily litter box clean out, and the use of Electrolyzed Water you can help eliminate the smell.  Spray EO water liberally inside and outside the cat box, including the litter catch mat.

Water bottles – Add EO water to your favourite water bottle and allow it to soak for at least 3 minutes, rinse well.  Use EO water to bulk soak baby bottles pacifiers and nipples as well!  Rinse well!

Reducing your environmental impact!  Electrolyzed Water is made on demand, using product that nature created herself….salt!  Just combining salt (and maybe vinegar) with some electricity means you can create an effective cleaning product whenever you need it.  Making it fresh is the best way to insure effective solution.  Fresh EO with just salt will last 4 days on the counter, a little longer if it’s refrigerated.  We do recommend using ¼ tsp vinegar added to the product and sealed in the container for up to 7 days.  This slightly acidic product keeps the product effective longer as it maintains the “hypochlorous zone” for the Free available chlorine.  A little bit of science, and a lot of nature helps reduce environmental waste!  No more buying nasty chemicals in store bought plastic bottles that just end up at the dump.

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