Egret Lab Canada - what are the differences in devices, and why add vi

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Egret Lab Canada - what are the differences in devices, and why add vinegar?

Many people are discovering the advantage of Electrolyzed water recently, but don’t realize that there are so many every day uses for this electrolyzed salt water otherwise known as Hypochlorous.

We wanted to give our blog readers an opportunity to learn the differences in our devices.  We have already published many articles and videos about the uses - you can find a lot of this loaded on our YouTube Channel

Here are the devices we currently sell - a quick summary of the differences.


Sparrow EO creates 400ml of HOCL and has two settings a low and a high. Low will create 10-30 ppm of HOCL in a 3 minute cycle while HIGH will create up to 200PPM of HOCl in a 6 minute cycle.  Sparrow adds vinegar to the formula to adjust PH.  Your end result will be up to 200PPM and a Ph of between 5.0 and 6.0 Sparrow features a sensor to limit the HOCL to under 200PPM.  Sparrow uses a 5V 2A USB to power the unit, which is supplied bu the customer (or we sell separately).  The power is IMPORTANT as the unit also has a sensor to stop the unit from generating if the power is not correct.  Retail is $129.99

The Sparrow
Sparrow EO Hypochlorous Generator
Pelican EO creates up to 1000ml of HOCl up to 200PPM.  Pelican features a sensor that will limit the creation of HOCl to under 200PPM.  The end result is HOCl up to 200PPM and a Neutral 7.0 Ph.  You may adjust Ph by adding 1/2 tsp to Pelican prior to use or add 1/4 tsp to 400ml of product if you wish to transfer to a sprayer.  This would create 200PPM of HOCl with a Ph between 5.0 and 6.0.  Pelican uses a standard 120V and the package includes salt, continuous mist sprayer and manual.
Retail $249
Eco One can generate up to 1000ml of HOCL at 200PPM and Neutral Ph of 7.0.  The generator does not have any sensors and can continue to generate higher levels of HOCl and also has a formula to include vinegar if you wish to adjust Ph. Eco One is 120V and does not include a sprayer.
Retail $299
Egret EO is our flagship product and namesake.  Egret requires a customer supplies USB 5V 2A or you can purchase from our store.  Egret is battery powered so is charged before generating up to 60PPM of HOCl per cycle.  Egret has no limit, but we recommend no more than 3 cycles.  Egret has a built in spray mechanism, which is powered by the battery and creates a powerful mist to make quick work of larger areas.  Egret product does not require vinegar, but it can be added to adjust Ph is desired.  Create up to 200PPM at 7.0 PH and adjust Ph with vinegar if needed.
Retail $299
Now that you have an idea of the differences - you are wondering which one is for me?
Depending on what you want to use this for.  We believe the Egret is the most versatile product and would be equivalent to buying a home appliance.  The unit can create a large amount of product and can easily be transferred to other spray bottles to leave around the home for daily cleaning.  
Egret makes fast work of large areas - like a mattress when you clean the sheets, or detailing inside a car to get rid of odor.  Egret can quickly be sprayed over all the wet hockey gear to kill the microbes that cause odor (and other issues).
Sparrow is very portable, and good for every day use.  Spray down the cutting board in the kitchen or mist the dishes you just washed.  Spray the garbage can to prevent odors and germs from spreading.  Use it when the kids are sick to spray down the pillow they sleep on, or use it on the dog bed and toys that get full of dirty feet and saliva.  Throw it in your travel bag along with a little salt and vinegar to use in your hotel room. Make sure to bring the right 5V 2A USB!
Pelican and Eco One are fantastic EO water generators - you would make a bulk solution and this is fantastic when you want to make enough to soak produce, or stinky items like yoga gear! You can always transfer the product to a sprayer.  They plug into standard outlets.  Great when you want to fill more bottles for use in multiple locations.  Add one beside the sink in the bathroom to spray down the toothbrush.  Use it to clean mirrors, or kill the germs around the toilet.  Can be misted to kill the odors too!
All the Egret Canada products are environmentally friendly - and the end product reverts to just salt and water.  Meaning you may find a light build of salt on your surfaces (or a film from the water as well) which may need to be cleaned once in a while with just soap and water.  Using a microfiber after spraying will also help prevent any buildup. 
The more you learn about Electrolyzed Water, how inexpensive this is, how safe it is for your family - you will wonder why everyone doesn’t have a generator!

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  • Would you be willing to make a video for You tube similar to “Creating Hypochlorus with Sparrow” but for The Pelican please. I feel lost on the salt measurement, little spoon included versus a kitchen measuring spoon. Maybe other’s are lost too or its just me.. Thank you

    stephanie mcRobb

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