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Salt plus water Electrolyzed is Hypochlorous! Take advantage of the sale pricing of scientifically proven generators! Sign up to save even more!

Electrolyzed Water - Natures incredible sanitizer you can make with just salt and water!

Test results sponsored by Egret Lab performed by STC


Egret Lab Has been tested...


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Editors note - when producing this article, I have cited many studies and used evidence from other manufacturers and producers of EO/HOCL.  Egret EO HAS NOT been tested for every purpose cited in this article.  We do have ongoing testing for most of the stated purposes and will continue to publish when we get our results and approvals.



Hypochlorous Acid. HOCL. Electrolyzed water. EO. Neutral Electrolyzed water.

Salt + Water + Electricity.


Scientifically proven disinfectant, sanitizer proven for over 100 years with much research coming in the last decade. Check out Wikipedia Hypochlorous Acid article.


100% Non Toxic. Safe for babies, adults. Kills allergens. Kills pathogens.


Can be used for skin conditions, cuts, bites, rashes, athletes foot

"Status Report on Topical Hypochlorous Acid: Clinical Relevance of Specific Formulations, Potential Modes of Action, and Study Outcomes"


"Hypochlorous-Acid-Generating Electrochemical Scaffold for Treatment of Wound Biofilms"


Can be used for hospital grade infection control, dental clinics. Up to the level of sterilization! "Can hypochlorous revolutionize hospital cleaning"


Used in Veterinary medicine to stop pets wounds and speed the healing process. Sanitize the pet bowls and drinking water. Disinfect and deodorize pet bedding.


Food safe. Used and approved by Health Canada for use in agriculture. For treating water systems. To remove pesticides from produce. To extend shelf life of fruits. To eliminate bacteria in the shrimp and fishing industries. Makes ice and used on ships for fishing industries. To transport food and keep it fresh.


Fogging public spaces and people. This is the product you see people walking through tunnels and getting sprayed with.

"In addition to the use of HOCl as a liquid-based disinfectant, fogging with hypochlorous vapor has shown virucidal activity against numerous types of viruses and bacteria. This is of potential benefit to disinfect large spaces such as medical and dental offices where aerosols can be airborne for extended periods."


It's been proven to be a better cleaner than many household products....



Remember - all this AND it's not toxic!


It also costs......a teaspoon of salt. A glass of water.


Hypochlorous acid just salt and water and electricity




You can make it on demand. You can replace those NASTY alcohol based hand sanitizers. Use it with the athletes you train that wrestle to reduce occurence of skin conditions. Athletes foot. Jock Itch. Yeast infections. Ringworm.


Use it with your humidifier and use the 10 micron blaster of the Egret EO to mist and fog your rooms. Let it settle. It's mostly harmless to most surfaces (test if you are unsure).



Use it to eliminate odours on your front loader washing machine, clean your toothbrush. Dentistry is testing HOCL as an effective mouth rinse. To sterilize root canals.


There are HUNDREDS of uses.....and you can get the machine that makes it NOW.


Order Yours today!

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