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Electrolyzed Water - Types of generators, and many uses!

You are ready to save the environment from toxic chemicals and plastic waste.

You need to be able to replace the glass cleaner, greasy stove cleaner, bathtub scum remover, stain buster for the carpets, deodorizer chalk full of chemicals you never even knew and were not disclosed on the label!

No more allergy causing chemicals, toxins hidden in labels that you didn't realize the regulators didn't require the manufacturer do disclose.

You have tried the recipes for home made cleaners at home, but didn't realize that vinegar has some down sides, that clean actually means killing the germs, virus, mould, bacteria that is living on the surface.  It may smell clean, it may look clean - but are there still germs lurking on the surface?

You have HEARD of Electrolyzed Water (aka - Hypochlorous Acid) - yet you didn't quite understand or trust what this product actually is!  Once you start to research (and notice there are several hundred scientific studies on the product in a variety of different fields and versus a large amount of microbes)...

"Why isn't everyone using this?"

Why indeed!

All you need is salt, water...maybe vinegar - and a new home appliance called a Hypochlorous Generator.

Once you have found a good quality generator, you will soon be creating your own cleaning product that can perform better than the glass cleaner you currently use, the scrub for the bathtub and toilet, the spray that mostly masks odour (and some people really react badly to).  

So which type of generator do you want?  There are many types on the market and they can range from $50 - $400 for a consumer type generator all the way up to tens of thousands for a commercial generator.

W P Sales Inc of Canada is here to help!

We have added several quality products to help you narrow down your choices.  There is alternative choices that require you purchase capsules - and the bonus for this type of generator is they have some EPA approvals.  If you need this type of confidence, the choice may leave you paying $2 per container to create your solution.  If you are just looking to generate a hypochlorous acid, you can create your own with the same household ingredients found in the capsules for much less.

Here are the 4 generators we currently carry...

Sparrow will create up to 200 PPM of Hypochlorous acid from .5 - 1gm of salt and a few ml. of household vinegar.  Sparrow has a built in sensor to prevent your HOCl from going about the "GRAS" (generally recognized as safe) level of 200PPM and will keep a ph of approximate 5.0.  Sparrow comes with the USB cable - but you will need to provide a 5W 2A USB charging block (if you don't, the Sparrow simply wont cycle properly and will beep at you).  Sparrow features a low and a high cycle,and we include a "recipe" book to give you ideas how to use different levels of Electrolyzed Water.  Retail $129CA


Pelican/Ecoguard is our FDA cleared Electrolyzed Water generator made in Korea.  This high quality generator also has a 200ppm limit sensor.  The formula is 1 gram of salt in 1 liter of water and only has one setting which will consistently generate approximately 200 PPM of HOCl.  The ph will approximately 7.0 but can be adjusted by adding 3/4 tsp of vinegar BEFORE generating and create 200ppm at approximately 5.0 PH.  The product plugs in to a standard plug which is included in the box as well as a continuous spray dispenser and a small amount of high quality salt. There is only one type of cycle available. Retail $249CA

Eco One is a very well known Electrolyzed Water generator similar to the Pelican but can extend beyond the 200PPM limit as it does not have a sensor. This high quality generator also uses a low salt formula and offers several cycle times.  Instructions are included to extend up to 400PPM, as well as include a formula to create an electrolyzed degreasing solution.  The product plugs into a standard outlet and includes the standard plug. Retail $299CA

Egret EO Blaster is the design patented Electrolyzed Water generator.  This product has a built in battery in the handle which needs to be charged prior to generating Electrolyzed Water.  The BLASTER/Spraying mechanism is built into the handle and will provide a very fine mist which is excellent at spraying larger areas quickly (mattresses, entries, closets, kids toys, sheets, curtains, commercial spaces).  Egret uses 5 grams of salt per 800ml - and the generator will provide approximately 80 ppm with a PH of 7.0 every 3 minute cycle.  Since the cycle and the sprayer are all one, you will have about 10 minutes to use each cycle and we recommend no more than 3 cycles (under 200PPM).  You can transfer the EO water to your own sprayer and use for up to 4 days.  Retail $299CA

How these are used in the home every day.

In our household, we use every device with a purpose. 

Cleaning day Saturdays we use the Egret since it quickly sprays down the glass, the bedding, and larger surfaces.  We will use a micro fiber cloth to make even quicker, cleaner work.  We use Egret to spray down dog bedding that can't make it into the wash (too large).  I will also spray my hockey equipment down which prevents any odours! Egret makes quick work of cleaning our vehicles as well - spraying the glass and wipeable surfaces first and then spraying the rest of the vehicle while running the fan on high for a few minutes helps clean out germs and odours and leaves the vehicle very fresh. 

When we only had the Egret, we would create a bulk solution (electrolyzing 3 cycles in a row) and transfer the solution to our own sprayers.  If we had gone grocery shopping - we might use the bulk generated solution to soak our produce, or berries....

The Pelican or Eco One are both excellent generators to create a bulk amount of solution at one time.  If you are needing an even higher level of PPM, then the Eco one will be your choice.  Either of these are great if you want to use your own sprayers.  We now use the Pelican weekly and use the EO water that is generated to fill spray bottles for the bathrooms.  We make sure to keep the PH around 5.0 and 200PPM so it stays fresh for the whole week.  The sprayers are used to eliminate odour during the week, spray down and store toothbrushes, makeup brushes, nail brushes.  Its used after every shower or bath. Sprayed into and around the toilet to keep it clean and fresh.  We add fresh bulk solution to store the toilet brush every week.  Bulk solution is used to clean produce and we will also transfer extra solution into portable little spray bottles to freshen masks, hands, and use in the car or at public spaces.

Sparrow is our basic model - but still creates a 200PPM 5.0PH electrolyzed water.  We keep a fresh bottle in the laundry room to spray the front load washer and eliminate the smell.  Our cat litter box is also in this room, so gets treated with EO spray with every litter change.  Sparrow is excellent for travel as it's smaller and can be great for use in the hotel room! The continuous spray is convenient (be careful not to pull the trigger too many times!).  

We have created many videos on youtube that will give you ideas on every day uses of any of these devices.  The more you research Hypochlorous, the more every day uses you will discover!


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