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Get the STENCH out with Egret Electrolyzed Water - Sports equipment, pet bedding and more!

The all star hockey player comes home with a bag full of sweaty, wet hockey gear.

You immediately pull out the washable items - hockey socks, jersey, jock, sports underwear layer...

All good...

How do you clean the rest of the gear that can't go in the wash?

The odour that comes from sports equipment is caused by BACTERIA and GERMS!  Without a proper cleaning, these germs can start breeding and cause an stench that can be difficult to get rid of without proper cleaning.

Todays sports equipment does incorporate technology in the fabric that can help REDUCE these germs.  However, even with this technology - you will still start to notice a horrible stench!

The best way to address this problem is recognizing early on that the germs cause the issue.  If you can eliminate the germs, without wrecking the equipment, you can eliminate the odour.

Egret electrolyzed water is a simple, scientifically proven method for getting rid of odour.  Electrolyzed water quickly deactivates these nasty germs, virus, bacteria and mould with the power of super oxidated neutral water.

Using just SALT, Water and a slight amount of vinegar - Electrolyzed Water becomes a compound called Hypochlorous Acid when it is generated with the proper amount of electricity and compounds (Titamium triple layer cell).

Electrolyzed water is NEUTRAL and attacks the negative charged germs by invading and blowing them up in just seconds.  When the germs are eliminated, you are left with just CLEAN!!


As  a hockey player myself, this was one of the first ways I tested EO water.  My hockey gear (seen in the picture) never smells bad.  It always smells like, well, like nothing.  Even the critical wife has to sometimes sleep in the spare room after a long night shift where the hockey gear is kept after every game.  There are no longer complaints about the gear needing to be put outside!


We were so successful with the odour elimination - we started to experiment with Dog bedding.  Every week now, we soak down the dog bed and this has also helped keep the odour down (the dogs do sleep on this every day so it never completely dissapears, but at least it's manageable!)

I started spraying the bedroom mattress whenever we clean the sheets and also soak down the pillows. Allowing them to dry before refitting fresh sheets and pillow cases. AMAZING!

How else would you ever clean a mattress?


Not only was there a benefit of killing the germs - it's also comforting to know that this still is basically a salt water (but important to note that it's ENERGIZED so the molecules reform to HOCl - a neutral, powerful sanitizing version).  This means its' still SAFE for me, my family and our environment.....




How much does a table spoon of Pickling or Kosher salt cost? 


Our customers have written us about the many other "strange smells" and "odours" they have eliminated in their homes!  

Deodorize your closet

Deodorize your shoes

Deodorize your curtains

Smokers will enjoy the reduction of smell!

Deodorize your vehicle when you detail by running the fan at full blast and spray into the vents.  Spray on fabrics and leather surfaces and allow to dry.  We were able to eliminate a wet dog smell from our truck after using this method (it took us about 3-4 good cleaning to completely eliminate it).

Enjoy the power of Egret today by ordering yours today!

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