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How to safely Eliminate Pet Odours


There is nothing like a weekend camping trip with your family....and of course man's best friend has to come along!

The morning hike, the afternoon swim in the river or lake, the evening by the campfire.  "Harley" loves to hang out!  

Our chocolate lab tries to find the water no matter where we are.  It doesn't have to be a nice clean running stream either - he will dive right into the swampiest swamp to cool down.  Retrieving anything that might happen to be floating around in the pond.

Eventually the camping trip comes to an end - and Harley hops in the back seat to enjoy the ride home....head hanging out the window.

You get home, unload and clean out the vehicle.  



You love your dog, but the odour of wet dog is not the memory you need during your commute every day!  That smell that lingers and penetrates your clothing. Not how you want to be remembered either!

How to eliminate the smell!

We recently enjoyed a trip with our dogs Harley (chocolate lab) and Beemer (terrirer).  The boys enjoyed the lake during the day and spent the night in the back of the truck which we set up as an overnight kennel.  

By the end of the weekend at the lake, the smell of wet dog seem to permeate the truck, including ourselves as we drove with the windows slightly opened to try to air out the odour.

When we got home, I thought I would put the Egret EO blaster to the test.  After a good vacuum - I brought out the blaster and misted every fabric surface in the truck.  Finishing with a mist of the entire cabin.  I even misted the vents and ran the fan to blow the odour killing mist throughout the vehicle.

I closed up the truck and hoped for the best

It was a hot weekend, and I allowed the truck to "dry out" for a couple hours.  When I went to park in the garage - I could not believe the difference!  Even Karen couldn't notice what had been a strong wet dog smell.  It was eliminated!

I followed up with a second application of the Egret spray, and regularly use the Egret EO blaster whenever I clean the truck.  

After I make a batch of Egret EO solution, I keep any left over liquid in a spray bottle handy.  Using it daily to spray down all the dog bedding and toys.  

Give it a try for yourself!


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