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How to use your new Egret Video and FAQ

Sometimes its just easier to watch a video!

EO - HOCL - these are other names we will abbreviate in the instructions.  EO is Electrolysed water, and HOCL are both also known as Hypochlorous Acid.

Check out Egret Lab Canada on YouTube for more video - from a simple 40 second "how to use" as well as more extended versions including this video above that discusses creating EO Water you can bring with you and keep a little longer.

The Basics:

Every time you press the button and the blue light is pulsing is ONE CYCLE.  You can begin to spray the Egret after about 30 seconds as it will already contain hypochlorous acid.  The blue light will stop pulsing after 3 minutes creating approximately 80 - 100 PPM FAC at 7.0 PH level.  The sprayer will remain on for about 7 more minutes.  10 minutes total.

You can repeat this step a second cycle which will increase the FAC between 150-200 PPM

A third cycle will render approximately 200 PPM FAC with PH 7.25 - 7.5.  

You can either start a new batch or transfer the remaining solution to be used in a sprayer or as an effective soak for produce or rags.  If you use this with produce please rinse before consuming.

We recommend using any stored solution within 4 days.  HOCL loses about 1-2% of efficacy per 24 hours - and besides its just a little more salt and water and a rechargeable device you can bring anywhere!

To create more stable, more active EO Water.

The Elecrolyzed Water (hypochlorous) can be transferred to a container of your choice.  There are so many uses!

You can use the solution "as is" for up to 4 days 

You can add 1/4 TSP of vinegar per 250ML of EO/HOCL to adjust the PH level.  This will result in a hypochlorous acid with a PH of approximately 6.0 - 6.5 which keeps the HOCL stable for at least two weeks.

Its cheap and easy to make a new batch - just Salt + Water + Egret EO which is rechargeable, portable and easy to take with you!



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