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Anyone looking for a non toxic, non allergenic, scientifically proven cleaner need look no further than Electrolyzed Water!  Just using salt, water, and vinegar - once electrolyzed creates a product called Hypochlorous Acid, which we also call Electrolyzed Water!

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a restructure of Salt (NaCl) and Water (H20).  Vinegar may be added to adjust the Ph, which also helps increase the "oxidative reduction potential" of the product (ie: it kills germs even quicker!)

Our consumer grade appliances use Titanium Triple Layer Electrods to turn tap water and salt into HOCl....a neutral substance similar to what your own body makes to help heal your body when it's invaded by virus and bacteria!  

Invading germs don't stand a chance as this NEUTRAL charge product goes directly into the cell of the Negatively charged bacteria, and quickly explodes the cell.  


We have created many "how to use" videos we wanted to share with you here today.

Our latest 

Toothbrushes, retainers, dentures, mouthguards.....deodorize your room, and clean your glass and bathtubs!  


Integrative Health Coach Karen uses the Sparrow to clean and sanitize her vehicle - this product can remove odour, clean glass and is safe on fabric

Using EO water in the bathroom to remove soap scum and sanitize


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