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The Reviews are in, Egret and Sparrow earn 5 star raving fans!

You already have a closet full of crap you never use.  The too good to be true offers usually are, and the products don't perform as you hoped.  How about that new appliance that generates effective, germ deactivating cleaner and deodorizing out of salt and water?
Meh. Who needs it?
You have a cat.  The spouse says it's your responsibility to clean that nasty litter box...and you can barely stand the smell yourself.  You move the box all over the house, but that smell lingers.  You decide to give this Egret Electrolyzed water a try....can it actually get rid of that horrible ammoniated urine smell?  One recent review from a Cattery owner says it well....
YES!! That smell is now gone. 
What about the "dog truck".  You went camping this weekend and the dogs took a swim in the lake.  The drive home with a wet dog resulted in a vehicle that now has that unpopular wet dog smell....Could Egret help here?
Before you buy, you start some homework "How to safely remove pet stains and odours" - this sounds promising.  Will you order that product on Amazon, grab it at your pet store or try the 30 day moneyback guarantee that comes with the Egret and make your own, multipurpose cleaner for a penny or two?
After you receive the Egret you give it a good charge and then generate your first batch using just plain Kosher or non-iodized (pickling) salt.  You watch the cloud forms as the electrolyzing turns salt -  NaCl and water -H20 into this simple and natural germ and odour killer called Hypochlorous Acid.
You excitedly run around the house - blasting the germs and odours everywhere!
The reviews from our customers keep coming.  The best review you can ever receive is a referral - and the majority of our customers either come back to buy a second Egret or a Sparrow...AND they tell their skeptical friends!
Could this work at your office, or the studio?  Would you bring it with you to workout, or do you own a studio - all about healthy living...with a bunch or nasty chemicals to clean?
will you decide to keep this like Stacey?
Maybe you found a lot of different uses, like most of our customers!
The entry closet doesn’t smell like old running shoes, and the bed - where the pets jump up -‘always smells clean and fresh. The sick person in your house, with just a common cold, doesn’t have to necessarily change their sheets every day - how did you ever clean a mattress before Egret? 
Touch surfaces are easily and quickly blasted - the door handles, the light switches, the counters, fridge handle, lamp switch, remote many items you touch in a day (and the little ones in the house have the constant sniffles!)
You soon discover Like Lisa O. from Alberta...
Shower curtains no longer smells moldy, an entry matt gets blasted.  Outdoor furniture no longer gets musty.
Children's toy boxes full of soft toys are easily blasted and germs are cleaned away. The dog toys are the same! The front load washer no longer has odor, and neither does the garbage can you simply squirt with the handy bottle.
The reusable shopping bag that likely never gets to the washing machine...and produce can be safely soaked in Electrolyzed water that the food industry uses every day.
Chemical laden deodorizing spray and toxic chemical product you use may leave a fresh scent...but is it as safe as Electrolyzed water with salt (and maybe vinegar) that you just made for a few cents? Anytime you want?
That dish rag that everyone used to wipe the counter with only to have a horrible stench on the hand...gone. The nasty hockey glove bacteria is sprayed after every skate and the odour....gone. The inside of your favourite slippers. Running shoes. Odour gone.
Pour the unused, quickly expiring product down the drain to eliminate those odours too! Give the bathroom a little refresher after your daily visit. Have you tried EO water on certain houseplants yet?
Take it out to the car...burdened with VOC and polluted air, they rarely smell nice and with all the people coming, going inside the vehicle. Eating inside the vehicle. Keep a small portable bottle handy to refresh your hands when you get back in or address that nasty spill and the bio-burdened kids seat with spilled milk.
Blast the pillows on the couch, the floor and your curtains. When is the last time you physically cleaned any of those surfaces?
Electrolyzed water is going to change our thinking about clean.

Are you ready to give this a 30 day try?

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