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New Egret salt and maintenance


We started Egret with a modest goal, and have been pleasantly surprised to exceed expectations.  

After shipping hundreds of units - we have discovered that a small percentage of units were "dripping" or "plugging" and have been able to resolve 100% of the issues.  We stand behind what we sell, and the 12 month warranty will cover this issue. 

What we have found is that "standard salt" is not the same quality everywhere.  It seems that iodized table salt and some kosher salt contain "anti-caking" agents which we believe may cause a drip and/or plugging. 

Over 99% of Egret units we have shipped so far have not experienced this issue.  However since "pure" salt is easy to find and very cheap - we are going to suggest that our customers use the most pure salt they can find.

Even if you are not experiencing issues - we do suggest to change to a pure, non iodized salt with no fillers.  This is available in many grocery stores, and bulk food aisles as well.  

In Saskatoon we have found the most pure, readily available salt it called "pickling salt".  You can find this on the store shelves, and in the bulk food aisles.  You can also find PURE Kosher salt (no additives) at Costco that ships from Italy.  

If you are going to use the larger grain salts - please be sure to mix it well to create a brine. It may take 20-30 seconds to mix as the granules are quite large.

In some larger cities you may be able to find pure, noniodized salt. This will have not anti-caking agents and mixes a little easier.  

We recommend using these salts as this will help avoid issues with plugging and dripping.


Once per month - run a vinegar/water solution only through your Egret.  Use a 10% vinegar solution, turn on unit and immediately spray for approximately 30 seconds to allow the solution to reach the tip. Turn unit off and allow to rest for 30-45 minutes.

Turn back on and immediately spray for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  If your unit is still dripping or plugged you may repeat the process.

Dump the solution and refill container with just clean water and run the spray for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.  Discard remaining water.

That's all!


If you are going to leave your unit for several days without using - we recommend dumping all solution and then running the sprayer until it's dry.  cycle it a couple times, when you stop pulling trigger some of the excess fluid returns into the container by design.  Once there is no fluid coming out the tip or the return - you can dry out the container and put in storage.

We will publish a video with the new instructions and add this to the website and new "IDEA BOOK" coming out soon!



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  • Thank you so much for this update and information about the monthly maintenance. I love the EGRET and use it daily. Awesome customer service!

    Chris Pidwerbeski

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