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Protect Your Family using Electrolyzed Water

Protect your family.

Asthma. Allergies.

Our overexposure to chemicals is proven to cause allergies...and the rate of Asthma and allergies continues to grow.....

How many chemicals do you expose yourself to - when there are better choices - especially when they are less expensive!!

Reading an article about 6 ways to reduce asthma...

# 1 Use cleaning products that are made from natural ingredients, as to not aggravate respiratory problems. Using natural cleaners can also help ensure safety of food preparation surfaces; check the labels first before using any cleaner.”

Egret labs uses salt and water (sometimes vinegar) to produce hypochlorous acid which our bodies already create naturally allergen free!

#2 - Reduce mold. Your office likely installed air exchangers - we personally installed this at home and it has made a difference!
We use the Egret blaster to “finish” cleaning - using it weekly on shower curtains, entry mats, coat closets, shoe racks, cat litter box, washing machine, inside the shower...all areas that carrry odour indicating germs!

#3 Use pillow and mattress covers. You can easily launder these items - but how do you clean your mattress? Using the Egret or Sparrow daily where you rest your head can eliminate germs and odour (we don’t usually smell ourselves - but you CAN smell the clean after using it! When you launder your covers - spray down the entire mattress and comforter!

#4 - Pets. We have an electric easy to grab vacuum to clean up the hair and dander every day. Katie, Beemer and Harley are all shedders! Not only that - they all have an odour, so following up with a daily quick blast of Electrolyzed Water keeps the odour under control! In the summer we add EO water to the paddling pool to keep it crystal clear. Use it to wash and rinse the water dishes. Use it daily when cleaning the litter box. Use it in the vehicle after transporting them t the vet! No more nasty pet door!

#5 Avoid cigarette smoke. We have several users now that have harnessed the power of EGret to reduce the odour of cigarettes. Did you know we tested Egret against odours and successfully reduced or eliminated many volatile organic compounds, ammonia and other odours!

#6 pollution indexes. In Our home we have an “AirThings” to measure the air quality. The device was about $250 but it’s good to know that the air quality is good to excellent! Clean air matters!!

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