Revolutionary Cleaning Generators from Egret Lab Canada Offer Healthy

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Revolutionary Cleaning Generators from Egret Lab Canada Offer Healthy Cleaning Methods

SASKATOON, SK, July 12, 2021 /CNW/ -- Autoimmune disorders are something that affect the everyday life of millions, but with the use of proper cleaning technology they have the opportunity to live a healthier life. While those that suffer from autoimmune disorders tirelessly attempt to keep their surroundings free of bacteria and odours, doing so often includes using household cleaners that contain harsh chemicals and toxins that aggravate the disorder even more. With the use of the revolutionary electrolyzed water, also known as hypochlorous acid, it's now possible to rid surfaces and objects of bacteria and odours without the use of chemicals and toxins — providing a healthier cleaning method.

Egret Lab Canada is proud to be at the forefront of these revolutionary cleaning generators and have the capability of providing those with autoimmune diseases with a healthier way to clean. "When Perry first told me about Anolyte Generators in 2018, I met with an inventor of the product that validated the claims," says Warren, "I then went on to research the studies, and the street credibility is massive." While these generators started out as large commercial devices, Warren and Perry believed in the vision of utilizing the simple ingredients of salt and water to create a natural, non-toxic, and effective cleaning solution, which is when they set out on their journey to discover more about the science behind electrolyzed water and the generators used to produce it. Since the research proved effective, the Egret Lab Canada team has been working hard to compile some of the best hypochlorous acid generators on the market today, and make them easily accessible to everyone — especially those with autoimmune disorders. Our three main electrolyzed water generators are the Egret EO Sprayer, Sparrow EO Sprayer, and the Ecoguard Pelican — all of which generate electrolyzed water using salt, water, electricity, and science. Discover more about our cleaning generators and the science of hypochlorous acid by visiting our website:"

About Egret Lab Canada
Egret Lab Canada is committed to educating consumers on the science behind electrolyzed water and the benefits of utilizing it to kill bacteria and odours on a variety of surfaces and objects as it's not only best for those with autoimmune disorders, but also for the environment and humans in general. In addition, it's Egret Lab Canada's mission to provide residents and business owners with natural cleaning solutions such as hypochlorous acid generators, laundry detergent, accessories, and more. Feel free to contact Warren with any questions about electrolyzed water or our Egret Lab Canada products.

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