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Sparrow, Egret and Pelican - What are the differences?

What is the difference between Egret EO Blaster and Sparrow EO?

We get asked all the time!

Holistic health coach Karen Bobinski​ demonstrates the differences in this video and discusses some different uses. Both products are currently 20% off "SPRINGSALE" on the store and FREE Shipping! We have also introduced a third model, The Ecoguard Pelican which can create a bulk solution and has FDA Clearance!

Egret EO BLASTER ($249)  features a rechargeable, lithium ion battery and powered sprayer. You will charge this unit BEFORE generating Electrolyzed Water, and you can create up to 200PPM in 9 minutes (3 cycles). It will generate 800ml of electrolyzed water, and you can use the trigger on the device which makes FAST work of cleaning! Particularly useful for larger spaces, reception areas, entire rooms, mattresses, car interiors, cat litter boxes, dog beds, your own mattress!). Egret Generates up to 200 PPM of FAC at a Ph of approximately 7.0 - 7.5 (which can be adjusted to a slightly acidic version with 1/4 tsp vinegar per 250ml). The product will remain effective for up to 4 days, or up to 7 days with the slightly acidic vinegar.

SPARROW EO ($99) generates under 200PPM and has a sensor that will not allow the product to go beyond the "generally recognized as safe" limit of free available chlorine. The Hypochlorous Acid it generates on low is under 100PPM on high up to 200PPM and Ph is approximately 4.5 - 5.5. The product needs to be plugged into a USB in order to generate solution, and the hyper-sprayer is manually pumped. Perfect to keep in the bathroom, by the laundry room, in the bathroom - for every day use and smaller spaces, general cleaning and deodorizing. The product will remain effective for up to 7 days.

ECOGUARD "PELICAN" ($179)  also features a sensor that will not allow the product to go beyond 200PPM. It will generate a highly effective electrolyzed water in just a few minutes with a Ph approximately 7.0 - 7.5 (which you could adjust with 1/4 tsp vinegar per 250ml). We called this "Pelican" as it has the capacity to create a larger volume of product up to 1000ml per cycle. The product comes with 1 sprayer and would need to be transferred from the bulk vessel in order to use. If you want to soak produce, add to the laundry, soak stinky rags - a bulk solution is very convenient. If you need to fill several spray bottles (perhaps you are using this in a hair salon, or tanning beds, commercial applications) it's easy to create your cleaning product for the day and make a new batch the next day. The product will remain effective up to 4 days or 7 if you create the slightly acidic.
Ecoguard is FDA Approved #3014270356
Testing from Ecoguard show the effectiveness of this safe to use product

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