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Too good to be true? Salt and water Electrolyzed is amazing!

You remember your science classes, it was always interesting to conduct those experiments that resulted in bubbly concoctions that foamed and flumed. Colourful eruptions and logging the results and formulas. 

One science project that they should teach in school is a simple one. 
Let’s look at what happens when you take water and salt, and electrolyze them. 
We will use ordinary tap water (Ph of around 7.0 which is considered neutral)
Let’s add normal, pure salt. No iodine or preservatives added. Not the mineral salt you get from the sea - just purified salt. 
Once you electrolyze the right formula (a very small amount of NaCl (let’s say 1/2 teaspoon) and H2O (let’s say 1000ml) with 5W 2A of electricity with an electrode made of high grade Titanium (Ti) the result is this…
HOCl. Hypochlorous Acid. 

So what you say? 
Well first off it’s a Neutral solution - meaning it can penetrate virus, and bad bacteria which are negative ions (the reason they can repel most disinfectants so well!). This neutral ion BLOWS UP the nasties and is very effective at it in a very short time….
After it’s done the job, it reverts back to salt and water. 
This effective product also results in a very small (but highly effective) Sodium Hydroxide. This tiny amount product found in the self generated salt water boosts the cleanjng power!
Try it yourself!  Lab testing shows that Hypochlorous Acid in the self generated form can clean away the grime and dirt better than many of the toxic chemical
Cleaners you buy at the grocery store!
Not only that, but highly studied hypochlorous acid formulas are used in skin care, eye care, oral rinses, wound care, food services, hydroponic and agricultural industries, hospitals, spas, water purification, swimming pools and so much more. 
Salt and water plus a dash of vinegar ( to create the right Ph)….
Once you have experienced it, you too will join the thousands of people who have returned to our store and given us 5 star ratings….
Help us save the world of unnecessary toxic chemicals for cleaning, and deodorizing. Save the cost of shipping what is mostly water coming from your own tap just to clean - when you can make it yourself more effectively! 

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