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Ultimate Cleaning Day with Egret and Sparrow Electrolyzed Water

Cleaning with children in the house really is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.

Have you ever gone to a friends house that has a strange smell...or maybe even a VERY OBVIOUS smell and wonder "Can't they smell that?"

We seem to be oblivious to odour we generate ourselves (for the most part).  We become conditioned to the smell of our pets, the food we cook, our environment.  When someone else comes into our environment - maybe even into our car - that smell may not agree with them as much as it agrees with you.

Often these odours are related to germs and bacteria...maybe even mould.  If we could SEE the odour, it would be much easier to just wipe them clean.  It would visually dissapear.  But we can't see it.  We have to trust our instinct that the bad smell is something we would prefer to eliminate.

In the quest to rid ourselves of odours, we often look to replace that bad odour with a smell we enjoy.  We run out and buy that can of spray cover up, or burn the candle or incense.  This covers the smell for a while, and what exactly is in the can that created the Lilac smell...it's definitely not an actual Lilac plant!  These are often man made chemicals - and what are they doing do our environment?

Today I wanted to write about the Egret and Sparrow and where they might fit into your cleaning ritual.  I assume you have taken the time to investigate the Science of Electrolyzed Water and realize just how good EO water is at eliminating a wide variety of germs and odours.  Many of you are specifically buying an EO generator for those purposes!  

The point of todays blog is to point out the many OTHER, not so obvious benefits of cleaning with Egret and Sparrow may offer.  The ability to clean items that may be causing odours, items that were NEVER easy to clean before - or you never gave a second thought to....

We made a list...thanks to our customers for many of these ideas!

Here are just a few of the ways...
Bathroom: Toilets, sinks and bathtubs of course....but also toothbrushes, makeup brushes, shower curtains, wash sponges and back scrubbers, nail brush. Leave a bottle in the shower to spritz down the walls after you shower and then squeegee to keep the shower smelling ultra fresh! Childrens toys can be cleaned and will eliminate soap scum and odour
Pets - Cat litter spray generously after cleaning, Litter box mat, Litter box garbage, Dog and cat toys, pet bedding, Pet accidents - spray and leave to soak for 2 minutes then scrub until clean - saturate a second time and just let it dry....We use a very small amount (think 50:1) in water dishes and bowls to keep the slimy biofilm down and keep the water fresh. no more than 3PPM for this purpose.
Kitchen- Keep a Sparrow EO handy by the sink after you wash spritz the dishes, soak the cutting board and rinse after several minutes, soak sponges and rags to keep the bacteria and smell away. Bad smell and VOC from cooking - blast Egret EO! Inside the microwave, the stainless appliances. Wipe counters using EO spray and leave for 3 minutes - then lightly spray and allow to dry, red stains in towels - soak with EO water and watch the stain come out, cut flowers add 1-2 ounces to the vase to extend the life of flowers, garbage smell soak smell with EO water to reduce or eliminate odour...spray down kitchen knives after hand washing, water bottles and straws are soaked and rinsed, baby bottles and nipples soaked and rinsed, Groceries are sprayed down when arriving home light mist, produce is left to soak for 3+ minutes and then rinsed and allowed to dry, reuseable shopping bags and produce bags are sprayed down every use, use it on your stainless appliances
Living Room - test fabrics first in small area, spraying down leather furniture, pillows, wooden tables and furnishing, curtains, comforter/throws, hardwood floor and carpet have been easy to spritz clean, humidifier cleaning, We ALWAYS finish and blast entire room with Egret to leave it clean and refreshed - allow to dry.
General idea - Backpacks, entry mat, shoes and closets, lunch kits, children's soft toys, Bedroom mattress and pillows during the weekly cleaning of the sheets. Don't forget those curtains and wiping down the blinds. Open the closet door and spray (be careful to test clothing first) to keep your closet smelling fresh. Sometimes its just a matter of spraying the shoes....let them soak on the inside. Slippers are cozy and warm sweat buckets that need a good soaking!
Sporting Life- camping gear, Sports equipment like hockey gloves and hard to clean umpire chest pads, boxing gloves, helmets, boots - all these items can be SATURATED and left to dry...eventually you will eliminate the germs causing the odour! Yoga mats, gym equipment, weights, treadmills, your new home cycle!
Vehicles - Egret has been proven to eliminate odours caused by exhaust fumes, smoke and more. Test areas to be sure - but we have used Egret for over a year to eliminate pet odour, and musty smell. Always take it to the car wash to "finish" the job!
Household general cleaning - all light switches, door knobs, any high touch surface can be spritzed and left to dry. Cleaning day can include that stinky fish tank....make sure to take "oscar" out of the tank first but when cleaning soak in natural EO water to eliminate the odour and germs before rinsing and adding fresh water
Laundry room - mould and stench in front load washers sprayed and left to dry - soak it good and keep at it, sometimes it takes a while to work, pour electrolyzed water in with clothes that have odour and leave for 10 minutes before starting the cycle...
Outdoor furniture can get rank - soak it down and allow the sunshine and fresh air to bring it back to life! We add about a 50-1 Electrolyzed water to the dogs pool to keep that water sparkling and clean
We keep adding to this list, keep the ideas coming! How do you Egret?


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