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Uses for Egret EO water....electrolyzed water is amazing!

Egret EO water is a powerful and non toxic disinfectant generator that is portable and discharges a 10 micron mist.  

Many offices and businesses have high traffic flow.  It can be difficult to control sanitation of surfaces.  So many toxic chemicals, and the headlines and long list of nasty hand sanitizers - do you trust and know exactly what you are using? 


I have spent over 30 years as a regular and sweaty gym member, attended "hot" yoga.  When I think of the high traffic flow and close contact and reuse of equipment -EWWW.  This is a perfect indication for the HOCL you can bring with you.  Carry a spray with your own towel and water bottle and disinfect before you use a piece of equipment.

As an owner, you can "blast" the 10 micron mist between classes.  The non toxic mist can settle and kill the bacteria and sanitize the surfaces between classes.  Use on the props.  Use on the floor.  Touch surfaces.  Equipment that is shared, the weights.  Leave extra bottles around with ready to use solution you can make on demand!  Just Salt + Water + 3 minutes in the Egret and you have 800ml ready to go!


Many of us Canucks love hockey....but have you been in that sweat box! We pack in there like sardines...butts to faces trying to tie up skates and keeping a social distance is next to impossible.  Crew after crew coming and going from these moist and mildewy rooms.  We take the Egret EO Blaster to the room and blast away! Allow the mist to settle and work for 3-5 minutes and then head on in. 

When you are done, make sure to use the blaster to soak those stinky hockey gloves and spray on your gear to keep it smelling fresh and bacteria free.  

If you aren't into hockey - just think of the applications!  Soak down those stinky running shoes and allow them to dry then maintain them with a little spray after each use.  Wipe off mats.  

While we are on the subject of athletes...did you know that Hypochlorous Acid is used for treating skin conditions like Athletes foot and Jock itch?


These spaces we share are so easy to BLAST and allow to settle for a few minutes.  Reduce the risk with simple Electrolyzed Water and the 10 micron blaster!


How about a classroom full of laughing happy kids....the teachers we have sold Egret EO blaster to love the idea of a non toxic product to spray after the children wash and in between classes.  Keeping the desks and work areas clean of nasty bacteria and virus.

Commercial indications


Your team members will walk in the office, using the door knob.  Hit the light switch.  Use the elevator button.  Open the fridge to keep the lunch cool.  The microwave to heat at lunch.  The cupboards and sink faucets.  The sink.  The dish rag....

A simple mist of the Egret EO blaster can settle on the surfaces and be left to dry.  No nasty chemicals. No toxicity. No concerns on allergens.  All the is left behind is a sanitized surface.


Protocols have changed! Even with less moving around the school, we think it's a prudent idea to create some electrolyzed water to bring with you in your backpack!  Simply create a batch of 99.95% effective HOCL by using the generator, and transfer the solution to a spray bottle to bring with you. 

Misting your masks and clothing will help reduce the bacteria you would be carrying around with you.  Spraying your shoes (inside and out).  Backpacks.  Lunch boxes.  Clean your thermos and water bottles with EO water!

And when nature calls...


Egret EO Blaster is FANTASTIC as a cleaner around your home! We spray the bathtub, and especially the shower curtains.  The grout and around the areas where the water likes to sit and soak it down to eliminate the chances of mould growing.  The potty is a no brainer, and the knobs on your newly acquired bidet after the TP shortage is a good idea! 

We take a small sanitizing spray bottle whenever we need to go into a public space washroom to use on our hands and touch surfaces....and of course just simply washing your hands is the best idea of all!


Use the Egret Electrolyzed magic water to rid those germs from your mobile phone and pad.  Where did you set that thing down while you were out!  These devices are full of germs.  We also like to use a UV santizer when we get home like the Phone Soap UV Santiizer.  When I get home I will usually spray my tech down and then wipe off right away before placing in my UV sanitizer.



You need to disinfect and sanitize between customers.  Keep the blaster handy and transfer solution to a spray bottle you can keep handy all day.  The NON TOXIC and NON ALLERGENIC Hypochlorous acid is actually good for skin.  Our bodies make this naturally.  Get rid of the nasty chemicals to sanitize when all you need is Salt + Water + Egret!

We have children that do lashes, hair, nails....all enjoying the benefits (and low cost) of creating non toxic disinfectant ON DEMAND!


Electrolyzed water has been studied for use on the skin of infants.  This product helps to keep our little ones safe!  Personally, I would scream whenever my hands were sticky when I was little!  How many kids are perfectly happy to run around and lick their fingers after eating that last popsicle they just dropped on the floor?

Food Safe EO water can be safely sprayed from the Egret EO blaster to kill the germs that float around these public spaces!  Think of all the surfaces that our little ones touch....the tables, chairs, desks, toys, the odd gerbil or hamster....pick up a book...put it back on the shelf and throw a ball.

Easy to clean and prevent cross contamination with the EO water!

Speaking of you have a fountain?

Mist this public surface easily! 

Speaking of water you have a pet?

Add some EO water whenever you fill the bowl to prevent the slimy layer of biofilm between changes.  It's non toxic to pets as well!


Check out this post from "Min Van" our friends in Sweden on stain removal!


Restaurants and Bars

Food Safe Salt + Water that is Electrolyzed is almost magic! Non Toxic, Non is a perfect solution for those public spaces with high traffic!  

Just mist the public spaces and allow it to settle for a few minutes to effectively kill the bacteria.  Soak surfaces and wipe to clean and disinfect - leaving a nice fresh scent!

In the prep area make sure to soak the cutting boards.  We have been using this in our home for several months and have seen the boards get "whiter" and look much cleaner! We definitely feel safer, and knowing the product is not toxic.....bonus!


DENTAL OFFICES we go.  My original inspiration!

Many of my friends are successfully fogging operatories and reception areas with HOCL.  Since I didn't have my product ready to go when COVID hit, I was able to direct people to ready made solution by Environize.  

Environize makes a ready to use product that has Health Canada certification, DIN and all appropriate levels of HOCL to be used as a high level disinfectant! 

Egret Blaster is complimentary, but does not create a 500PPM high level disinfectant that would be appropriate for use within the operatories.

We DO think the Egret EO blaster is excellent as a complimentary and low cost way to sanitize the public spaces! The touch surfaces, the level 1 disinfection and cleaning.  Use this in your reception area, in the washrooms, in the waiting room.  Keep your team safe in the staff room, the cupboards, light switches.

Fog your clothes when you come and go.

I think it's worth continuing to look at HOCL as a biofilm removal, and believe that you will eventually see a centrally located commercial generator installed in most offices of the future....this was our original inspiration and still on the list of products you will eventually see from us here at Egret Lab Canada!

If you decide to BUY AN EGRET  we look forward to hearing your stories! 


What have you used your Egret for?


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