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Using the Egret EO Blaster in Dental Offices



With over 36 years as a dental consultant, my priority has been the business of dentistry.  This covers a LOT of different aspects!

Dentists spend several years becoming experts in Oral Health Care...but have little training on all the other aspects related to actually running the business called a "dental office".  Most of this is learned on the fly - but there are experts in this field!  

One of the first areas of focus for a consulting rep is to find appropriate products that will make the office run efficiently and profitably.  Much of the training dental reps receive is about product.  For a product to pass the grade for me, there are a lot of boxes to check!

First it has to have great scientific evidence. Second it needs to be proven clinically.  Third it needs street credibility.  That generally means several years of research to PROVE the product is as good or better than another method, then transfer the scientific evidence to a clinical setting where testing happens in the real world.  After that roll it out to the public where it can be scrutinized in many different settings.

Once a product passes ALL of these criteria - this experienced rep will also ANALYZE the COST efficiency of the product and then recommend these products to his clients.

With the backing of many years of research, scientific evidence, clinical studies and street credibility hypochlorous acid has made the list.

The Publication in JOMS offered an excellent example of checking all the boxes.  You can read it here...

 Where does Egret EO fit into this?

Several Canadian distributors are now selling Hypochlorous Acid (also called Anolyte) for different purposes.  You will see this used to fog public spaces and one of the most established companies in Canada right now seems to be Environyze.  This company sells a product called EnviroNyze Anolyte.

They also make several commercial generators (from Kirkmayer) which are exactly the search and where we started looking a few years ago while researching products to bring to dentistry.  Here is where you can start your research!

After meeting with a Swedish Generator manufacturer (Aquacode) - we were working to develop a smaller, commercial unit that would generate the anolyte that could be installed into a mechanical room in a dental office to eliminate the biofilm from waterlines with a side benefit of creating a hypochlorous disinfectant for just a few pennies, that would allow an endless supply on demand!

We came across the patented Egret EO Blaster, and made an agreement for exclusive distribution in Canada shortly after.  After our own due diligence, confirming lab results and going through several months of testing we are proud to announce that we have launched the product for the North American market.

While we work to get other Health Canada certifications, we are promoting the machine as a hypochlorous acid generator.  Electrolyzed water.  There are limits to what we are allowed to market and say as per regulatory bodies. 


For those who understand - this machine can generate between 50 - >200 PPM of FAC with a PH of 7.0 - 7.5 and an ORP of >500.  After generating the solution using between 1-3 x 3 minute cycles with our patented Titanium plated generator, you can use the 10 micron mister to apply the product.  We have testing for COVID specific uses supplied to us from SVA in Swedent (I can forward the 9 page document on request - as well as other lab testing results from the original manufacturer.

The product can be transferred and you can easily adjust PH with a small amount of vinegar (1/2 tsp per 250ml) which will dramatically increase the ORP.  We do not reccomend doing this within the machine, as we tested the HOCL for over 3300 cycles with just salt and the product created is still a powerful HOCL with >75% HOCL and 25% CL for a residual effect while still being safe on surfaces and for use without PPE.

For uses within a dental office, I would suggest this would enhance your current protocols using DIN certified and registered disinfectants.  We would use this on touch surfaces, and spray in public spaces.  Fogging, misting and then allowing to dry.  You may notice a residue that can easily be wiped.  

As with any product - it is best to test a small area (everyone says that, eh?).  Our personal experience in dozens of tests on many materials is no issue....just be sure for yourself.

I would suggest a "fog" before the start of the day.  The product can be used after about 1 minute while it is still generating and the unit will shut off after 10 minutes.  Pressing the button will begin a second 10 minute cycle, and you can repeat this up to 3 cycles total before disposing the fluid or transferring it to an opaque spray bottle to save for 4 days.  If you wish at this point you could add the small amount of vinegar to adjust the PH and this will extend the life of the product to a couple weeks.


To verify the potency of the product, I recommend the use of Water works Free Chlorine Ultra High II strip .  You can also buy the simple PH meter.  

The next best thing you can do is learn all the applications of the Egret EO Blaster!  This is not just a device to keep your offices sanitized, its an excellent cleaner, and powerful deodorizer that does no harm to the environment or the people using it!

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