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Salt plus water Electrolyzed is Hypochlorous! Take advantage of the sale pricing of scientifically proven generators! Sign up to save even more!

We should have used Electrolyzed Water Sooner!

"Everyone should have one of these. It is amazing!"
Thankyou Donna, we think so too!
Electrolyzed Water REALLY IS that amazing! Even at low concentrations (20PPM instead of 200PPM) the product is tested, proven and works!
"When diluted 10-fold, HOCl solutions at 20 ppm were still effective in decontaminating environmental surfaces carrying viruses in a 10-minute contact time."
Forgive me for being a bit obsessed, but this is many years of research - powered by nature (Salt and water and electricity) natural and proven by science (over 300 scientific papers)
Approved by WHO - treatment of wounds
Backed by EPA
Discussed in the press 
New Study proved that Electrolyzed water kills coronavirus
So much evidence.....all in a product that can be used in SO MANY WAYS without TOXIC CHEMICALS!
Deodorize, disinfect, sanitize, clean... How about other applications?
Food Safe
Safety of children
Veterinarian studies
The Egret EO Blaster generates Electrolyzed water up to 200 PPM Safely and in the PH range that results in active Hypochlorous Acid. The results are easy to measure for yourself with a simple chlorine strip and PH indicator (and you can also get an Oxidative Reduction meter as well if you want to be fancy).
The device is PATENTED and built to generate over 3300 cycles. Built to last! 
I HATE SALESMEN. Don't believe me....read the studies yourself. Test the machine yourself and if you think it's not working the way it was intended you can return it within 30 days for a refund (less shipping and handling).

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