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Image showing the front right angle of the Sparrow EO Sprayer
Image showing the front left angle of the Sparrow EO Sprayer
Image of the back of the Sparrow EO Sprayer
Image of the front of the Sparrow EO Sprayer

Sparrow EO Sprayer - Hypochlorous Acid Generator

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The Sparrow EO Sprayer is our patented new cleaning generator that kills germs and deodorizes using just electrolyzed water, salt, and vinegar. Order from Egret Lab Canada today!

  • 100% natural cleaner
  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment and people 
  • Variety of cycle options to meet both gentle cleaning and deep cleaning needs 
  • Eliminates up to 99.95% of germs, bacteria, and odour

Use the high cycle to create up to 150PPM electrolyzed water to go after nasty smells and to work faster on germs. This is an ideal product to be used as a "final touch" after you have cleaned. Spray and leave it to do its best work as it dries — taking care of germs and odours in your space. The Sparrow EO Sprayer is a smaller unit that is a budget-friendly sanitation device that can replace many of the toxic chemical cleaners in your home or business. Contact Egret Lab Canada today with any questions!

Kit Includes:

  • Sparrow EO 400ml Generator
  • Charging Cable
  • Funnel
  • .5gm Salt Scoop
  • 1ml Vinegar Dropper
  • pH Test Paper
  • Chlorine Test Paper
  • Instructions