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Ecoguard “Pelican”

Revolutionary Cleaning Technology for Your Home or Business
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What Is the Ecoguard “Pelican”?

The Ecoguard “Pelican” is a bulk hypochlorous acid generator from Egret Lab Canada. This patented unit is equipped with triple-layer electrodes that work to create FDA electrolyzed water that works as an effective, natural cleaning solution for your home or business. While the Ecoguard “Pelican” gets its name for the large amount of cleaning solution it can generate in a single batch, it includes a separate spray bottle — allowing you to easily spray down surfaces of counters, floors, household items, and more to clean and deodorize them. Continue reading to learn more about the Ecoguard “Pelican”, or order your unit online from Egret Lab Canada today!
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The Science of EO Water

Electrolyzed (EO) water, also known as hypochlorous acid, is created by a chemical reaction when a salt and water brine goes through electrolysis. This simple process creates a powerful cleaning and deodorizing solution that is safe and natural. For reference, hypochlorous acid is a chemical produced within our white blood cells as a part of the human and mammal immune system. With much research, it has been discovered that hypochlorous acid generators, such as the Ecoguard “Pelican”, can create a similar product that acts as a cleaning solution to fight germs, odours, and bacteria. With this revolutionary cleaning technology, you can have peace of mind that your home or business is safe for everyone and free of harmful germs and bacteria.
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How It Works

The Ecoguard “Pelican” from Egret Lab Canada produces a large volume of EO water for you to clean and deodorize with. Plus, the fine mist spray bottle makes this unit extremely versatile. Follow the instructions below to begin cleaning your home or business with the Ecoguard “Pelican”!

Benefits of the Ecoguard “Pelican”

The Ecoguard “Pelican” is filled with benefits for those that are looking to clean and deodorize their home or business. Order yours from Egret Lab Canada today to get started on your journey of natural cleaning that is safe for everyone and the environment!

  • 100% Natural Created with just water, salt, and science, the hypochlorous acid
    cleaning solution generated by the Ecoguard “Pelican” is all-natural.
    Safe The natural ingredients used by the Ecoguard “Pelican”
    also makes it a safe cleaning and deodorizing method to be used around pets and children.
    Extremely Effective Through extensive research, the cleaning solution created by the
    Ecoguard “Pelican” has proven to be 99.9% effective against germs, odours, and bacteria.
    Allergen-Free This non-toxic cleaning solution acts as an allergen- and irritant-free replacement
    for chemical-filled household cleaners found throughout your home or business.
    Sustainable The Ecoguard “Pelican” not only creates a cost-effective bulk cleaning solution with ease,
    but is also a sustainable cleaning solution — free of plastic waste.
    Versatile From creating a large pitcher of cleaning solution to offering a portable and convenient spray
    bottle design, the Ecoguard “Pelican” is extremely versatile.

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Ridding your home or business of germs, odours, and bacteria has never been easier. With this hypochlorous acid generator from Egret Lab Canada, you can ensure that your home or business is clean and safe for everyone. With advanced cleaning technology, the Ecoguard “Pelican” will change the way you clean and deodorize. Order yours today to get started!
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About Egret Lab Canada

At Egret Lab Canada, we have spent years researching the science behind EO water and hypochlorous acid generators to provide you with a safe, natural cleaning solution that is effective and efficient. In addition, our cleaning products offer sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions to ensure that we are taking care of our customers, loved ones, and the planet all at once. Get in touch with our team today with any questions about electrolyzed water or our hypochlorous acid generators!

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