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What does Egret Lab Canada do?

Egret Lab Canada has miniaturized the process used by large commercial machines to create a product called electrolyzed water — also known as hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Hypochlorous acid is a well researched product our human white blood cells create to fight off infection. Egret Lab Canada uses a patented Titanium Cell and single-cell technique to create electrolyzed water at various levels. Each three minute cycle increases the amount of FAC (free available chlorine), while remaining in the stable pH zone that is a requisite for the hypochlorous acid to maintain its power. Check out this article "Hypochlorous Acid: Harnessing an Innate Response" to learn more!


Can I add other ingredients?

Do not add other ingredients to the Egret EO Sprayer as this could damage the hypochlorous acid generator.

We use the ready made solution from the sprayer to clean by pressing the button to create a stronger cleaning solution (no more than three cycles). After that, we either dispose of the cleaning solution or transfer it to a container for use up to four days.

Once you have transferred the solution, you may add vinegar to help keep the solution at a more stable pH to use for up to two weeks.


What does Egret Lab Canada’s electrolyzed water smell like?

You will notice a slight chlorine smell, like a swimming pool.


How long does the electrolyzed water last?

You can use the prepared natural cleaning solution for up to three cycles (pressing the button and the blinking light is one cycle). After three cycles you can transfer the solution for use up to four days or make a fresh batch — it's just another teaspoon of salt and some tap water!


Do I need to wear protective gear when using the Egret EO Sprayer?

No. The Egret EO Sprayer generates safe electrolyzed water or hypochlorous acid below 200ppm with a pH of approximately 7 to 7.5, which research has shown not to be toxic to humans or pets!


Can I use electrolyzed water to clean produce?

Yes. Egret EO Sprayer can be used to clean produce. There is great research on the use of HOCl in the agriculture industry. We recommend a rinse with tap water to remove any residue.


Can I use the Egret EO Sprayer to clean baby and pet toys?

Yes. Egret EO Sprayer produces an effective, natural cleaner that is safe to use on pet and baby toys.


How long will the electrode and battery last?

We have tested the Egret EO Sprayer to last approximately 3,300 cycles, which would be three to five years with daily use. We do have replacement batteries and electrodes available.


Can I leave the cleaning solution in the Egret EO Sprayer?

You can leave the solution in the sprayer, but every time you turn it on is one cycle. Do not use the Egret EO Sprayer for more than three cycles before changing the solution. You can transfer the natural cleaning solution to a storage container for use up to four days. 


My Egret EO Sprayer is not spraying well or is plugged?

It may be partially plugged. Dispose of any cleaning solution in the container, and replace with 250ml water and 25ml vinegar (approximately 10% vinegar solution). Even warm water by itself will sometimes help clear any clogs. Spray non-stop for one minute. If the clog doesn't clear you may want to create suction on the end of the spray nozzle while pulling the trigger to help the flow resume strongly. We have only had a small percentage of issues like this, and have been able to clear 99%. If this is still not working — get in touch with our team at Egret Lab Canada and we will exchange your unit!


Can you use electrolyzed water to clean fabrics?

Egret has tested spraying a variety of clothing and materials and have not had any issues so far. We do suggest testing it on a small area to make sure it won’t discolor the fabric before cleaning the entire item!


What if the Egret EO Sprayer is not electrolyzing?

If you don't notice clouds and bubbles during the blue pulsing cycle, check to make sure the screws are tight on the bottom of the electrode. Tighten if necessary. Make sure the Egret EO Sprayer is fully charged using the supplied cable only.


How much salt do I add to the Egret EO Sprayer?

Add one teaspoon of salt (5 grams). Our high quality hypochlorous acid generator works quickly and effectively to electrolyze your water — creating HOCl.


Can I use the Egret EO Sprayer in my vehicle?

Yes, we have paid for STC labs to test Egret EO Sprayers on the removal of TVOC and PM2.5 with good results (available upon request). It also cleans well and removes many of the odours you may find in the vehicle.


Can I use Egret EO Sprayer safely on furniture and rugs?

Yes, but we recommend testing a small area at first to see how it is going to interact and effect the fabric/material.  


What are your returns and shipping policies?

We want you to be completely satisfied with the product and our services! We offer a 30-day no-hassle return policy.

We are currently offering free shipping and trying our best to get the product shipped within one to three days using Canada Post.