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Watch the Demo Video Below to Learn How to Set Up and First Use the Egret EO Sprayer!

  1. Charge the Egret EO Sprayer. Using the supplied USB charging cable, plug into a proper USB adaptor (5V 2A). Allow to charge fully — until the ring on the top of the handle turns white. The hypochlorous acid generator needs to be recharged when it is orange or red. Charging takes two to three hours.
  2. Remove the water vessel. Holding the handle with the left hand, rotate the water vessel clockwise. It will be tight, but will get easier in time.
  3. Add Ingredients. Add water to just below the max fill line, add one scoop (1 tsp/5gm) of pure salt. Non-iodized salt can also generally be found at grocery stores. Pure kosher (cannot contain anti-caking agent) or pickling salt can be used. Stir until you create a brine solution and no longer see salt residue.
  4. Electrolyze. Push the white button on the top of the handle. The hypochlorous acid generator will pulse blue for three minutes. You can spray any time after 30 seconds. The total cycle is ten minutes (three minutes electrolyzing followed by seven minutes of solid blue). The unit turns off after ten minutes. Each cycle generates approximately 60-80ppm free available chlorine.
  5. Maximum of three cycles. After three cycles (~200ppm and pH 7 to 7.5), make a new batch of cleaning solution.
  6. Transfer the cleaning solution. If you want to keep the cleaning solution longer, you can transfer to a portable container and use it up to four days. If you want to extend the life and potency, add 1/4 tsp of vinegar to each 250ml of prepared cleaning solution after it is removed from the Egret EO Sprayer.

                The Basics — Add Salt, Water, Electrolyze, Spray