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The Science

Electrolyzed Water and Hypochlorous Acid
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Powered By Nature. Proven By Science.

Electrolyzed (EO) water, also known as hypochlorous acid, is created using just salt and water. NaCL and H20 are simple ingredients, and once electrolyzed, science has proven the efficacy and safety of the cleaning solution created.

At Egret Lab Canada, we have done extensive research to discover hypochlorous acid generators that make creating EO water efficient and convenient. All you have to do is add salt and water to the unit and power it on, the generator will take it from there — electrolyzing the mixture to create a natural cleaning solution. Order your hypochlorous acid generator today to get started!

A Proven Success

Our team at Egret Lab Canada is passionate about making a tangible, positive difference for our clients. The science behind our product is the difference! With Egret, you can stay safe with a powerful and environmentally-friendly cleaning phenomenon. Below, you will find the things that set our products apart and have proven them a success.

• Created with just salt, water, and electricity Effectively removes 99.95% of common germs, bacteria, and viruses
• Effective cleaning solution that can be used in a variety of applications
• Safe for people and pets, as our bodies create hypochlorous acid naturally to fight germs
• Tested for over 3300 cycles — lasting through three to five years of daily use

Improving Air Quality

Not only is electrolyzed water a natural and effective cleaning solution, it can also be used as a deodorizer. From sports equipment to everyday use for household items, the cleaning solution produced by our hypochlorous acid generators effectively cleans and deodorizes a variety of objects and surface types. As the electrolyzed water works to deodorize, it effectively is improving the air quality within your home or business — making it a safer place for you, your loved ones, customers, pets, and others. Take the next step in improving the indoor air quality of your property today!

Electrolyzed Water Research

Electrolyzed Water is produced by the electrolysis of ordinary tap water containing dissolved sodium chloride. The electrolysis of such salt solutions produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, despite the impossibility of hypochlorous acid coexisting with sodium chloride in solution. The resulting water can be used as a cleaning solution.
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Egret Lab Canada

While hypochlorous acid was first used in the dental industry to clean equipment and surfaces, more recent research has expanded its uses to a variety of different application options.

Our Egret Lab Canada team is here to help educate our clients about EO water and its uses, as well as providing convenient, easy-to-use hypochlorous acid generators that change the way you clean your home and business. Browse all of our products today to get started, or contact our team today to learn more about the science behind electrolyzed water!
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