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Salt plus water Electrolyzed is Hypochlorous! Take advantage of the sale pricing of scientifically proven generators! Sign up to save even more!

Image of the front of the Egret EO Sprayer
Image of the Egret EO Sprayer front right angle, highlighting the handle and trigger
Image of the Egret EO Sprayer front left angle, highlighting the spray nozzle
Image of the back of the Egret EO Sprayer

Egret EO Sprayer - Hypochlorous Acid Generator

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The Egret EO Sprayer is the patented new cleaning generator that can be used to clean away germs, as well as deodorize using electrolyzed salt water. Order yours online today from Egret Lab Canada!

  • 100% natural cleaner
  • Non-toxic and safe for use around kids and pets
  • Generates hypochlorous acid, which our bodies create naturally to combat germs
  • Efficient cleaning solution for numerous surface types, objects, and more
  • Please use ONLY pure salt with no iodine, or anti caking agents (pickling salt, kosher salt free of ingredients) 

This hypochlorous acid generator from Egret Lab Canada uses patented technology, and the power of electrolyzed water (EO water) to explode bacteria wherever it hides. By simply combining salt and water, the Egret EO Sprayer uses electrolysis to create a hypochlorous acid solution, which can then be used to effectively clean and deodorize surfaces, equipment, household items, and more. Get in touch with Egret Lab Canada today for more information!

  • Egret EO Sprayer with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Charging cord
  • Salt Scoop - use only pure salt 
  • DO NOT USE table salt unless it is free of anti caking agents (yellow Prussiate) do not use sea salt as it contains minerals which will void your warranty and clog the spray mechanism

Instructions with health coach Karen (the salt we are using is free of iodine and anti caking agents which is not mentioned in the video)