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Hypo 7.5 Hypochlorous Acid Generator
Hypo 7.5 Hypochlorous Acid Generator

Hypo 7.5 Hypochlorous Acid Generator

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From the Manufacturer...

"The Hypo 7.5 was inspired by our work in Africa.  It is a rugged 7.5 liter (2 gallon) batch unit that can make 500 ppm in 20 minutes or 200 ppm in 8 minutes. Run the machine twice on the 500 cycle to produce 1,000 ppm. Made in USA but with worldwide AC power input, it is simple to use and requires only salt, water, vinegar and electricity. We provide a 5 year or 2,000 hour warranty."

Why buy the Hypo?

If you are buying hypochlorous acid on the internet for $30 per gallon, consider investing in a Hypo 7.5. The Hypo can make 2 gallons of 500 ppm in 20 minutes and is warranted for 5 years or 2,000 hours of use. 

We are sure you can do the math, but the Hypo can make you $360,000 worth of hypochlorous acid just during the warranty period.  We think that is a no-brainer.

Included in the box: universal plug adapters, test strips, measuring spoon, spray bottle, and instruction sheet

Product Specs: 15 x 15 x 20"

Installation Manual